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Available- Terms & conditions


*All Deposits on kitten/cats are non refundable*

All Deposits on kittens/cats are non refundable , sorry no exceptions ,the deposit is not transferable to another cat/kitten once a deposit is received. Cat/Kitten must be paid in full within a reasonable period of time determined by BlueBerry Cattery. Shipping costs are due two weeks prior to shipping kitty. If money is not received within the said period all money that has been paid for cat/kitten will be forfeited.

We will not hold reserve any cat/kitten until a deposit is received. You may be the first to enquire but the first deposit received gets the reservation.

*Please save yourself the embarrassment.*

If you can't afford the cat/kitten please do not reserve it. Please make sure you can afford to buy the cat/kitten before placing money on cat/kitten to reserve/hold.

*Cash refunds of deposit or of full payment are not an option.


Please tell us the followings on enquiry of our kittens:

  • Write a little bit about yourself & your family

  • Do you have any other pet at home? De-sexed or not?

  • Your contact number

*Any enquiry without contact number will NOT be answered. Thank you!


  • All our cats used for breeding have been screened for major feline illnesses like FIV, FeLV, and PKD-DNA, and are all tested negative

  • All kittens are placed with ( Contract ) in order to protect both parties

  • No cats should be caged permanently

  • Pet quality kittens must be spayed or neutered at the right age

  • We DO NOT sell our kittens to pet shop or breeding farm

  • Sometimes there will be kittens or cats available for adoption. However, the new owner needs to make a voluntary donation of HK$ 1000 V 2000 to any charity organization in Hong Kong

  • We reserve the right of refusal of offering any of our kittens or cats